Connor S. Heindel


This is where I'll put major projects I have worked on

Points Sharp Steel

Professional website for a family business

Link to
This is a hand-programmed website made for Points Sharp steel, a steel sharpening company. It is made in HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript/Jquery, with a secondary stylesheet for smaller windows or phones.
It is hosted on my own server, see below project for more info on that.
According to, the website scores over 100% on the test, getting 5%. View the results Here

Personal server

A secure Ubuntu server, running Apache, Postfix, ZNC, Mumble, and gameservers

This is a VPS hosted by Digital Ocean, starting as a barebones Linux servr, running Ubuntu.

From that base, I have fully modified Apache to have multiple Virtual Hosts, or vHosts. Because of that setup, I can have multiple domains and subdomains, included, all on the same server.

Due to my general interest in security, it is properly configured to have SSH key logins only, no password logins. The Apache folders and other locations have my own permissions, with specially made groups, to allow for other parties to modify their own site, without bothering the rest, while allowing access from my user without root access. I also make sure all of my sites have HTTPS-only on them, with auto-renewing Let's Encrypt certificates for security. On top of that, there is fail2ban on it, which will lock out mass login attempts, using iptables. For a firewall, I have UFW, very strictly configured to allow access on only ports I'm currently using, nothing outside of that.

I have also gotten Postfix running on it, which is an email server, so I can get emails on security, cron, and general server updates, and to allow forwarding to other email addresses to my main gmail. I decided to not run any more advanced email server frontend, or even a mailbox system, as that adds unneccesary security holes, compared to just forwarding. TLS on it is planned.

A secondary software running on it is "ZNC," a bouncer for the chat protocol IRC, and I am currently serving not just myself on it, but 4 other users, all managed by myself.

I have taught all 4 of the users the basics of confgiguring it, pointing them at other resources, showing my teaching abilities.

Mumble, a popular voice over IP (VoIP) application, and a handful of game servers, which are custom configured per game, are also hosted on it.

This website

I think it looks pretty nice

This website is partly made in DreamWeaver and partly hardcoded. It is completely W3C compliant, CSS and HTML wise.
It is both mobile and desktop compatible, with a bit of scaling and removal for mobile.


I'm not that good at titles

This is a basic game I made in XNA, using C#.
It was a game where you and a friend controlled two boxes, both able to move. When you pressed a button, a beam would go between you two, and whoever was pressing the button would be unable to move. At random points, enemies spawned and you would try to avoid getting hit by them, while trying to hit them with the beam. It was fully fleshed out with a menu, top score, and lives. I submitted this to VisFest, our local video/game competition.

Various small programs

All made in C#

All programs which I am willing to share are uploaded to

TF2trade MOTD

Photoshop and Fireworks


This is a "MOTD" made for a TF2 (a game) trading server. It showed up to anybody who joined the server. I made the image using Photoshop for patching the two images (which were of the map), and Fireworks for making the "Image map," the clickable sectors of the image.